Wayward Songs

Sep 5

Aug 12

"Sugar Fire- Kosciuszko Bootlegs. Joelle Kellem on the extra vocals.

Aug 11



“Oh The Tangled Webs We Weave (a piece of a cold hard mile)” - Kosciuszko Bootlegs

aaahahahahaha!! WINNER!! you win. the game of life. you win at finally finding the coolest way to play that. im gunna go practice my abc’s now.

but you need to put lyrics to that yo!! or i will.

It would be a shame if this never ended up being a song!

Aug 9

"A Fond Farewell"- Elliott Smith cover. Just realized it was his birthday a few days back too. One of his best songs.

Jul 29

Jul 11

"Crayon Song"- Matt Pless cover. An ever traveling buddy of mine I met in the NYC music scene years back. This is a timeless late night city song.

Jun 6

"Born as a Thistle"- Kosciuszko Bootlegs

More of a finished product. Chorus melody will probably be changed in attempt to be more catchy and less punk-y

May 22

May 18

"Born as a Thistle"- Kosciuszko Bootlegs

Too many words as always.

Apr 17

Apr 8

"Hang Me Like a Star"- Live apartment sessions.

Apr 7

"Monday Best"- Live apartment sessions.

Apr 6

Mar 21

"89 Revisited"- Kosciuszko Bootlegs

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