Wayward Songs

Jul 11

"Crayon Song"- Matt Pless cover. An ever traveling buddy of mine I met in the NYC music scene years back. This is a timeless late night city song.

Jun 6

"Born as a Thistle"- Kosciuszko Bootlegs

More of a finished product. Chorus melody will probably be changed in attempt to be more catchy and less punk-y

May 22

May 18

"Born as a Thistle"- Kosciuszko Bootlegs

Too many words as always.

Apr 17

Apr 8

"Hang Me Like a Star"- Live apartment sessions.

Apr 7

"Monday Best"- Live apartment sessions.

Apr 6

Mar 21

"89 Revisited"- Kosciuszko Bootlegs

Mar 5

"Heartbreak Ridge"- Kosciuszko Bootlegs

Music and Lyrics by O’Keefe Foster

Mar 2

"Anchor Song Revisited"- Koscisuzko Bootlegs

Feb 12

"Anchor Song"- Kosciuszko Bootlegs.

Jan 24

"You Can’t Come Home"- Kosciuszko Bootlegs

Dec 8

" The Temptation of Adam"- Josh Ritter cover.

I don’t really like Josh Ritter’s music that much and I’ll admit that I didn’t like this song when I first heard it. But now this one pulls on all kinds of heart strings. 

Nov 14

"Big Ol’ Fluffy Mountains"- Kosciuszko Bootlegs

Lay my body on the table/I’m down and out now/Getting younger every day/That ain’t no rotten storybook fable/Swimming with the clouds/And when I go I know I’ll be gone in a better way

Big ol’ fluffy mountains/I’m sleeping in the manger/Twisted in the flowers/And the winds that fall into Monterey Bay/Thumbin’ like I’ll never know that you can’t love a stranger/But I was born a coward/So I’m a sucker for the danger

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